Day One

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! Between medical issues, giant insects crawling out of the walls, birthdays, late nights, squirrels raiding a pigeon nest, early mornings, rattlesnakes in the pool, and the ins and outs of everyday life - somehow Deb has managed to create pieces of art for the show.

And yes, I'm serious about the rattlesnake in the pool. Here in the desert southwest, during the late summer there was a huge influx of baby rattlesnakes as they hatched and ventured out into the world. The pool in Deb's backyard has been a wonderful retreat for friends and family - however this also attracts other...critters. Some neighbors (human) were swimming in the pool when one of them spotted a snake in the pool filter still alive and wiggling around. Thankfully no one was bit, and the snake was fished out and set back into the wash behind the house with a scolding and a promise to call the cops if he returned.

As far as the pigeon raid: Deb has an arbor with some grape vines. They get lovely and bushy, and by the end of summer most of the grapes are gone, but it makes good hiding spots for birds. This year there was a family of pigeons nesting there. Some squirrels decided to ambush the nest, and there was a full-on battle between the pigeons and the squirrels. The guerrilla warfare tactics used by the squirrels turned out to be quite effective as evidenced by the feathers littering the ground afterwards and angry cooing heard from the nest.

Oh and the giant insect crawling out of the wall was a giant desert centipede. Yes that is what they're called. Deb calls it "The Creature", however.

I'm thinking we need to call National Geographic.

All creatures, critters, and wildlife aside - Deb has made an insane amount of artwork over the past month, ranging from something as small as jars to large tables. In the last post there was a small taste of it, but a couple weeks ago I took some pictures of her studio.


This was just one of the several containers filled with jars - the Heartspiration Jars had their own separate container there were so many!

I love seeing her designs in cartoon form as well - it's so neat to see the process before it's brought to life with the glass.

This is one of my favorite things about Deb's studio - her glass shard shelf. She keeps her smaller pieces of glass in these jars. It lets her see exactly what she has, not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous!

I remember her getting ready for shows when I was younger, and really this isn't much different. There's still product everywhere, and if you were to look up "Organized Chaos", my mom's studio would be the first picture.

I know that she's nervous, but we know she's going to do wonderfully!