Balloon Fiesta has already come and gone - and it was certainly a great experience! Sadly I wasn't able to attend with her, but she did send me lots of pictures! This post will be short and sweet and full of pictures - kind of a cop-out I know but the past few weeks have been extremely stressful!

Deb did well at the show, she made some new contacts and felt like she was back in her element again. Looking at pictures of her in her booth you can see how she's just glowing, thrilled to be back in an environment where she truly belongs. Take a look below at the pictures below and I'm sure you'll agree with me!

The next show is Tubac coming up in November - it'll be here before we know it! I'm so very proud of my mom, she has been a wonderful role model and if anything she has always taught us that when you put in hard work you can accomplish anything.

I'm so lucky to have such a talented woman as my mother!