Introduction and In The Works

Hi everyone, and welcome to the tiny corner on the internet where you can see some in-progress works, and a little insight into Deb's world.

First off I'll introduce myself. I'm Meg, Deb's daughter. My mom is getting better with embracing ever-changing technology, but beyond the scopes of writing emails, browsing Pinterest, and Google searches, she gets a bit fuzzy. I do give her credit though, after years of her telling me and my brothers "I'll never get one of those smart phones, there's just no need!" she did eventually get one. She uses it all the time, and she even sends TEXTS!

All kidding aside, Deb is typically busy doing several things at once. She does the typical work around the house while trying not to trip over her English Cocker Spaniel, Brook - which is a challenge in and of itself. She also manages to find time to do yard work, and then her glass artwork on top of it all. I contribute her multitasking skills to her many years trying to wrangle in three kids, and my dad as well. So four kids, technically.

Since my mom gets so busy, I've offered up my skills to help build her website and Facebook page, and teach her what I can when she's got the time. However, if you've glanced over at the Events page, you'll notice that there's quite a lot coming up!

Deb spent two years living in Santa Fe, and had the privilege to attend the Balloon Fiesta show. Within the first few minutes she knew she wanted to be a part of that show, and we're very pleased to hear that she got in! With that being said, I reminded her to take some in-progress pictures, which are below:

Deb loves lanterns, and so do many of her customers! They're a great way to have a piece of art that really comes to life when you apply it's practical usage and light that baby up!

Above is one of these lanterns, in Deb's red poppy flower design. Here she's in the progress of picking out pieces of blue shards of glass to fill in the background.



Once all the pieces are glued down with silicone, they get taped off with painter's tape in preparation for grouting. This is easily the messiest part of making mosaics! However, it's what really finishes everything off and gives the pieces such character.

Now if you notice the top right corner, there's also a couple more pieces up there. Those are actually the tops to some really cool storage trays that we came across - take a look!

Currently the outside frames are blue, but this is just the painter's tape. They're actually painted black, which really gives a nice sophisticated feel to them. And yes, the black and white creature in the background is Brook. She's never very far from Deb - and somehow that translates to being under foot nearly 90% of the time!

So we hope you enjoyed this peek into some of Deb's pieces that are in progress - I'll do my best to remind her to take some more so we can keep everyone updated as it gets closer to show time!