Gearing Up

Things have been busy, busy busy!

Deb's show is slowly creeping up, and she really has been pushing herself to get as much done as she possibly can. I'm pretty sure that she's part super-hero. She would have to be, considering how much she's gotten done!

And quick update! Glassique Quilts already has a Facebook page, but now also has a Pinterest page! We've been working on getting more of Deb's stuff up there to spread the word, and she also has a separate board for inspiration. Lots of good stuff, be sure to check it out!

The Balloon Fiesta show starts on October 2 - that's only five weeks away. Deb has been a powerhouse, but somehow she's managed to keep things organized.

The last time I was at the house I took a peek in her garage, and these are just half of the lanterns she has in progress! Plus these are just the dragonfly ones! She's also got a few different designs that are in the same stage. They're all ready to go other than the shards that get filled in around them. In the meantime they're stacked up nice and neat in some giant cabinets. It's really quite impressive!

Here's a shot of one of the dragonfly lanterns as Deb is planning out the wings and the bodies - as you can see this lantern shape is extremely popular, so the pattern has been safely tucked away in a page protector to be used over and over!

And here are some heart jars - I've got to take some more pictures of them when she has these done. They're always stunning and just so sweet! They really do make a perfect gift when they're filled with candy or cookies! And I just want to say that there you can see two bead organizers. I've been in her storage closet. There's much MUCH more than just two of those in there!

And this is what Deb and I like to call Roadrunner Standoff - she's taken some elements from Coyote Playground, and turned it into a charming console table! These bigger pieces do take a bit more time, but there is a TON of work that goes into them. And thanks to the very nature of glass - even if this table were to be remade, no two would be exactly alike.

Thanks for taking a look, and if you've made it this far please be sure to check out the Events page to get more details about the different shows Deb has coming up! Balloon Fiesta is the closest one, but she does have several more lined up after that!